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Denham Grove 11th January 2024

Open Event
Event Type: Reboot
Event Topic: Reboot your Conventions
Host: Bernard Magee
Length: 4 nights
Availability: Available
Prices from: £555
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What is a Reboot?

At Mr Bridge I started a series of events three years ago which were more seminar focused. Four night events with the three middle days having two seminars each. It is fully aimed at improving your bridge and immersing yourself in the subject.

The 3 main days, have morning seminar and set hands and then afternoon seminar and set hands. In the evening you have three choices: play a few more set hands; play a duplicate; or just take it easy. I do not direct the evening duplicates on these events; leaving that up to my team. Of course all of the sessions are optional, with the emphasis as always on enjoying yourself, but also to improve your bridge.

Itinerary for this event
Our events are friendly and constructive, where the emphasis is on enjoying bridge and learning, not winning every game.
A reboot event is designed to be seminar and learning intense. They are full board and include six seminars and six set hands sessions. There are also duplicates each evening. All sessions are optional and partners will be found. Other event types may differ in format.
BMB Host and Team
All of our events have a Bernard Magee Bridge host and a full team of helpers.
Welcome Drinks
Our welcome get-togethers enable you to mingle and get to know your fellow guests.
Bridge Partners
We have many single guests and we will always be able to find you a partner for a game.
No Half Tables
Our full team ensures that there will be no half tables, so no one has to miss a game.
Full Board
Most events are full board, so you will not have to worry about finding somewhere to eat or dining alone.
Low/No Single Supplements
We work hard to try and minimise single supplements on all of our events.